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Personalised balanced mains from Russ Andrews – the BMU1500 mkII

12 Oct 2018

Russ Andrews Accessories is introducing the latest version of its BMU1500 Balanced Mains Unit to provide a colossal 1.5kVA of clean power, individually tailored to each installation, to provide superior music and movie reproduction.


Working on the same principle as balanced audio signals - where the audio signal is split into two halves; negative and positive - the BMU1500 mkII splits the 230v mains signal into two separate 115v supplies. One is carried on the live and the other on the neutral and as each is a different polarity (negative or positive) the noise on one is cancelled out by the noise on the other. The result is a 230v power supply that is free from noise and hence provides the connected equipment with a cleaner supply. 

AC Supplier added to range of upgraded PSUs

19 March 2018

Russ Andrews has added to its popular line of power supply upgrades with an AC version of The Supplier, bringing significant performance benefits to a range of audio components that are fitted with low voltage AC power supplies.

Russ Andrews has got the Power

3 Jan 2018

Reinforcing its position as the leader in hi-fi mains and power products, Russ Andrews has introduced its latest publication entitled “Power – Connect With Your Music”, to guide hi-fi enthusiasts through the principles of and reasons for good power management.

High Quality Bluetooth Audio from the Cabasse SWELL

7 Nov 2017

Cabasse, the leading name in French high-fidelity since 1950, is excited to announce SWELL, the company’s first wireless portable speaker is now available through Connected Distribution, its UK distributor. This rechargeable Bluetooth speaker proves that audiophile quality music can be produced from an ultra-compact speaker for enjoyment by music lovers on-the-move.

Beware low cost, low performance fake Kimber Kables

23 October 2017

Russ Andrews, exclusive UK distributor for Kimber Kable, is warning its customers to be on the lookout for counterfeit Kimber Kable products which have been sold by third-party sellers on auction sites. The counterfeit cables offer none of the performance benefits or quality of the real thing, but can look like a tempting bargain to the untrained eye.

Clarity announces a new board, new chairman and plans for 2017 at the hi-fi industry conference

2 February 2017

The Clarity Alliance, the UK hi-fi industry’s trade body, unveiled the results of the ballot for its board of directors, announced the appointment of Tom Barron as chairman and set out the Alliance’s programme for 2017 at its annual conference yesterday.

Parasound introduces the Zonemaster 4 DAX four-zone DAC

19 December 2016

Connected Distribution is introducing the Parasound ZoneMaster® 4 DAX, the first four-zone DAC for the custom installation industry, to improve the sound quality of multi-zone streaming audio installations.

70V Line Streaming Mixer Amplifier from Russound

November 2016

Connected Distribution, the Russound UK distributor, is introducing the XZone70V Streaming Audio Amplifier to give installers a powerful product for building business in the light commercial sector.

Russ Andrews to make Rupert Neve designed headphone amp available to UK audiophiles

November 2016

Russ Andrews has entered into a distribution agreement with world famous pro-audio designer, Rupert Neve, to bring the company’s RHNP Precision Headphone Amplifier to UK audiophiles, enabling them to experience studio quality reproduction from their headphones.

SANUS gets heavy with the VLF628 mount

19 December 2016

Sanus is introducing the VLF628-B2 mount, a heavy duty full-motion mount for use with large TVs, while retaining a low-profile depth and comprehensive adjustment capabilities.


The VLF628, designed in tandem with the recently introduced VMF620, takes the same mounting and articulation technology and applies it to a larger size mount, making it suitable for use with TVs featuring screen sizes from 42”-90” and weighing up to 68kg. Its fluid full-motion operation permits swivel, tilt and extension from the wall from 82mm to 710mm.

The SANUS VMF620 – next generation full motion mount for TVs up to 50”

24 Oct 2016

Available now from Sanus is the VMF620 TV wall mount, the next generation full motion mount designed to provide more flexible viewing angles, a number of enhanced installation features and compatibility with a wide range of TVs, from 37” to 50” in size.

Seeing YellO for the Russ Andrews 30th Anniversary

1st September 2016

For 30 years Russ Andrews has been supplying audiophiles and music lovers with accessories that help make the enjoyment of music and movies from hi-fi and AV systems a more uplifting and fulfilling experience. To celebrate this landmark occasion the company is releasing an updated version of one of its most successful products from the past three decades, and is making it available to the mass market with a special anniversary price.

Virtual reality from Brian May. It’s real.

24 May 2016

Lifelong stereoscopy enthusiast and collector, and, incidentally, world-famous rock guitarist, Brian May this month launches the OWL VR Smartphone Kit, a Virtual Reality and 3-D stereo image viewer that brings all the excitement of VR within reach of anyone with a smartphone.

Home theatre and streaming from Cabasse with the Stream BASE

1 April 2016

Connected Distribution, UK distributor for Cabasse, is pleased to introduce the Stream BASE, a compact unit that sits beneath the screen to provide high-fidelity TV sound reproduction and is the only sound base with built-in streaming from online services and network drives.


The full emotions of the user’s favourite films are enhanced with the Cabasse holographic sound processing, which enlarges the width and the depth of the sound stage, while dialogue remains clear and effects keep remain forceful. Every tone in the spectrum is rendered with accuracy, from high shrills to rumbling bass, for a spectacular show of sound that immerses the viewer in a rich 3D cinema experience in the comfort of the living room.

Selecting the best turntable connection with the TT-1™ cable

29 Mar 2016

Russ Andrews is introducing a dedicated turntable RCA phono cable to bring the sonic benefits of Kimber Kable to owners of the many turntables fitted with phono socket outputs.

Clarity announces the 2016 Honorary Fellowship and Best of Show Awards at The Bristol Show

29 Feb 2016

During the Sound & Vision Show held in Bristol on 26-28 February, The Clarity Alliance presented the fourth annual “Best of Show” awards, at which it also announced the third recipient of its Honorary Fellowship award.

Axios from Kimber Kable brings better music to high-end headphones

19 Feb 2016

Russ Andrews is introducing the brand new Kimber Kable Axios headphone cable to the UK, to bring the benefits of much better musical performance to users of high-end headphones.

Styl:us - a new public show that embraces the cultural resurgence of vinyl

7 January 2016

The Clarity Alliance, the UK hi-fi industry’s trade body, has teamed up with The Chester Group to present “Styl:us 2016”, a show specially created for the legion of fans of music on vinyl.


On 23rd-24th April 2016 at the Park Inn, Heathrow, music lovers will be able to feast their passion for vinyl at the UK’s only dedicated analogue music event. With new and used vinyl for sale; turntables galore; hi-fi systems; artwork displays; seminars on turntable set up; demonstrations from well-known DJs; plus live music, there will be something for everyone no matter what their relationship with vinyl.

Queen and Universal Music announce ‘Queen: The Studio Collection’ - 180gm vinyl box set, plus a ‘Queen by Rega’ customised turntable

16 July 2015

‘Queen: The Studio Collection’, to be released on 25 September 2015, brings together the complete collection of 15 studio albums, re-mastered by the legendary Bob Ludwig and mastered for half speed vinyl cutting by Miles Showell at Abbey Road, presenting these classic albums in the highest possible quality for die-hard fans and audiophiles alike.  Complementing the release of the 18 disc coloured vinyl box set is the launch of a limited edition ‘Queen by Rega’ turntable, featuring custom printed Queen artwork.

Connecting high quality hi-fi and music with new British hi-fi electronics manufacturer, Kleio Audio

14 August 2015

After three years in development, Kent based manufacturer Kleio Audio is lauching with the introduction of its first range of high quality electronics. The K1 series is designed to engage with audio and music enthusiasts to make them want to re-connect with their music collection and reconsider the importance of a high-end audio solution.


Mitchell and Johnson appoints Auden Distribution as its exclusive UK representative

11 August 2015

British hi-fi manufacturer Mitchell and Johnson, has appointed Auden Distribution as its exclusive UK representative, bringing a focused and responsive approach to the retailers’ needs as the company introduces its range of cost effective, high performance electronics.

ZEF: the new outdoor custom install speaker from Cabasse

28 July 2015

Available exclusively in the UK from The Multi-Room Company, Cabasse is launching the ZEF 13/13tr and the ZEF 17/17tr speakers. Designed by the sea at the Cabasse Acoustic Center, the ZEF range is the ideal solution for high quality sound reproduction in outdoor conditions or more sedate indoor surroundings.

Russound introduces the KNX to RIO Gateway KNX-RIO-1

July 2015

The Multi-Room Company, exclusive distributor for Russound, is introducing the KNX-RIO-1 gateway device that allows KNX panels and keypads to operate Russound controller amplifiers that support Russound’s RIO open IP protocol, to enable integration of distributed audio of up to 16 zones, including the latest in streaming media sources, throughout the entire home.

Mitchell and Johsnon launches the SAP-201V DAC equipped integrated amplifier and CDD-201 CD player

April 2015

Following the rebranding of Sansui UK as Mitchell and Johnson at CES 2015, the new British based hi-fi manufacturer is launching its integrated amplifier with built in 24bit/192kHz DAC and a matching CD player, to bring high-level performance to the cost conscious music lover.

April 2015

The Multi-Room Company Ltd. has been appointed by Cabasse, France’s most innovative loudspeaker manufacturer, as the exclusive UK distributor for its entire range of custom installation, home cinema and hi-fi loudspeakers, plus its growing range of streaming products. Effective immediately, this new arrangement will provide an enhanced customer experience for Cabasse’s existing customers and open up new business opportunities for The Multi-Room Company and its client base.

Russ Andrews ReVeel and ReleeS brings discs to life

March 2015

Leading UK online/mail order retailer of hi-fi accessories, Russ Andrews, is bringing its ReVeel and ReleeS CD/DVD and Blu-ray cleaner and enhancement products to the US audiophile via its recently opened Russ Andrews USA office.

The Multi-Room Company appointed as Parasound distributor

March 2015

Parasound, the highly respected electronics brand, has appointed The Multi-Room Company Ltd. as exclusive UK distributor. This new arrangement, effective immediately, will provide an enhanced service offering for its existing customers and open up opportunities for additional business across the entire range of custom installation, home cinema, hi-fi and professional audio products. 

Serving in style with the new OutClass

February 2015

Following the phenomenal success of the original OutClass Apple TV media servers, the company is enhancing its range of products with the stylish new OutClass-X and OutClass-T. The new models combine contemporary aesthetics with the power of the company’s dedicated Apple TV server technology, making the product suited to both in-room use and rack mounted installations.

Parasound to feature at Sound & Vision

Parasound, the world famous and highly respected electronics brand from California, will be on demonstration alongside Heed Audio in the Heed/GIK Acoustics room at Sound & Vision. Visitors will get an opportunity to experience for themselves why Parasound products are sought after by music and movie lovers across the world and why they are specified by many of the top film production companies and recording studios.

StreamAMP: the new smart building brick of the Cabasse Stream house

New from Cabasse is the StreamAMP, a compact four-channel amplifier with all the music streaming capabilities and ‘connect and play’ approach of the renowned Cabasse Stream products. Ideal as the building brick of a Cabasse distributed audio system, StreamAMP brings style and performance to the home with the ability to connect to all the user’s digitally stored music, access thousands of internet radio stations and stream Spotify and Deezer.

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