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We can take your idea, project, product, service or company and make sure it is effectively implemented and communicated to your target customers with the minimum of fuss, pain, financial outlay and without the big agency politics. You'll deal with the directors, not an account junior, and they have a huge amount of experience both client side and agency side across many different industries.

  • Marketing strategy

  • Branding development

  • Marketing communications planning

  • Press releases and media relations

  • Social media management

  • E-newsletters


  • Copywriting, editing and proof reading

  • Marketing literature

  • Internal communications

  • Event planning

  • Market research

  • Media planning and buying

Marketing strategy

Marketing strategy is the cornerstone of any successful business. It must be constructed as an integrated component of the overall corporate strategy, in order to be in tune with the business objectives. The marketing strategy enables a marketing plan to be developed and redsheep can help you devise both the initial strategy and subsequent plan. 

redsheep has experience in developing marketing strategies across a variety of industries, including consumer electronics, aviation and trade associations.



Marketing communications affects all areas of your business, from internal brand perception to external product promotion, it is the most powerful tool you have to connect with the stakeholders.


Good public relations should be invisible to the target, working in the background to build influence and gain positive coverage through two way communication with the media. Campaigns should be developed as part of the larger marketing communications plan - integrating and coinciding to deliver a more powerful message. redsheep has considerable experience of developing real life, down-to-earth public relations campaigns


No brand communications plan is complete without a social media presence. It can be very effective for strategeic implementation of campaigns and is a great way of engagning with customers on a personal level. redsheep can manage your entire social media presence.

Media planning and buying


Advertising is everywhere. But how much of it is wasted and how much actually performs for the business? Advertising can be expensive and so it is essential that any campaign is carefully conceived and executed to achieve maximum return when measured against the objectives. 
Whether it be a pure brand building exercise or a specific product launch or sales campaign, the most important part of the process is the planning to ensure the business really knows why it is advertising and what it wants to say. 

redsheep has planned many campaigns within the consumer electronics and service industries and is ideally placed to help you identify your objectives, plan the campaign, design the copy and select and purchase the media at very competitive rates.

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